Brain Food for Kids

Depending on your child’s age and schedule, they can spend a lot of time sitting and expected to concentrate on classwork. This is especially true for Middle and High School students. This post will give you some simple snacks and tips to empower and power your kids throughout their school day.

Think in threes.

  1. Apples and Plums

    Sweet treats. Often when we are tired and sitting, we want to grab a bag of candy to wake us up. Instead of reaching for candy, pack some apples or plums in your students bag. You can even slice them to make it easier to snack on. Natural sugars in each along with antioxidants.
  2. Nuts and Seeds

    Instead of potato chips, grab some nuts and sees. Packed with natural protein, along with vitamins and minerals, nuts and seeds have been shown to help with one’s mood. This could be great for those teenage years. Just be careful if your son/daughter has a nut allergy.
  3. Think green

    Green veggies provide great snacks. Another replacement for chips is fried kale chips. Great crunch but with extra health benefits. I have included a recipe below.

Fried Kale Recipe:

Each of us is concerned about how are kids perform in school. Let us help them perform even better with some simply, healthy snacks they can enjoy throughout their day.

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