Healthy Meal Prep Service vs. Standard Meal Prep Service

We’re not going to lie and tell you that we’re the only meal prep service out there, or the only one that delivers. No doubt you’ve heard about the national services from the television, radio, and podcasts commercials that have told you that there are other meal delivery services. In the last few years, there have been dozens of them pop up. Some have already come and gone, others are hanging on by a thread, and a few are thriving. We’re not going to name them, but we know you know who we’re talking about.

But there’s a difference between our healthy meal prep service and ones that are working on a national scale. Today we’re going to talk about how most national prep services just don’t have what it takes when you compare them to local meal prep like Just 4 You Meals.

We’re Focused On Healthy Eating

When you take a look at the most famous of the meal prep deliveries, you’ll notice the word “fresh” a lot. In fact, the word is even in some of their names. Now that cooling packs have gotten better and ship times have gotten faster, many more foods can be shipped “fresh” to your door.

What they don’t focus on as much is on being “healthy food delivery.” You see, many people equate “fresh” with “healthy,” that’s not always the case. Yes, fresh lettuce is better than rotten lettuce, but are fresh potato chips really healthier than stale ones? Just because a meal comes in the mail and you can make it yourself doesn’t mean that it’s not filled with calories, salt, and fat. In fact, salt is one of the things that makes food last a lot longer.

On the other hand, our local food prep service is focused on healthy eating. At Just 4 You Meals, we know that people come to us looking for healthy meals that they don’t have to double-check the ingredients on. If you’re trying to lose weight, we can help. If your diet is trying to cut out something specific, check out our menu.

We Know Taste and Health Can Go Hand-In-Hand

While everything we make here at our healthy food delivery service is created by our chefs to be healthy, they’re also all about being tasty. We want your family to be able to enjoy the meals you pick. Yes, you could suffer through bland meals sent by some other diet meal delivery service, but then you’re eating something completely different from everyone else at the table. We make sure the dishes we send to you will taste good to everyone, which — trust us — makes your life a whole lot easier.

We know how hard it can be to diet, and having food that tastes good is one way to stick to a lower-calorie plan. That’s why we specialize in gourmet meals delivered to your door, and they taste great!

Other Services Are Shipping Nationally

When you take a look at the national meal delivery services, they’re shipping nationally. While that’s great for them, it’s not always what’s best for the customer.

Think of it this way. If a chef at one of the national meal prep services is making a recipe, they’re certainly trying to make it tasty. But they also have to make the recipe according to what will ship easiest. If a certain ingredient will ship to the next state over but won’t make it fresh to Hawaii, then it’s out completely. The meal is worse because of the shipping limitations.

With Just 4 You Meals, that’s not a problem we have to deal with. We’re serving a considerable area — Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington, Clemmons, and the surrounding towns — but we’re certainly not national. We keep it close to home so that we don’t have to alter our ingredients due to long-distance shipping.

Local Foods

Whenever possible, we’re going to be using local and in-season ingredients. That means you’ll be getting fresh ingredients that are close to home, which is environmentally sound. Using local produce is certainly something that the larger companies aren’t able to do...because what does local even mean when you’re a national business?

You Can Talk To Us

As a smaller company than the big, national food delivery services, you’ll be able to have much closer contact than you would with a national service that sending out tens of thousands of food packages. With our healthy meals delivered to your door (or picked up at predetermined locations), you’ll actually be interacting with our employees. If you have concerns about a particular meal, all you have to do is contact us so you can let us know what’s up. In short, our customers are our neighbors here in North Carolina, so we’re sure to do what we can to make sure that everyone is as happy as possible.

Give Our Healthy Meal Prep A Try

At Just 4 You Meals, we’re serious about getting you healthy prepared meals delivered. We’re concerned with getting fresh meals delivered, or providing healthy meal delivery, or shipping the best gourmet meals. We’re all about fulfilling all of these needs.

We know that there are other weight loss meal delivery plans out there, but we know we’re special Those other meal prep companies can have the rest of the country, but we’re dedicated to making sure that everyone in North Carolina knows about Just 4 You Meals and chooses us when they need local food prep.