How Healthy Meal Delivery Beats Going Out To Eat

There are three basic reasons that people go out to eat. First is because they want to celebrate a special occasion or have a meal with friends, which is probably the best reason. Second, they like a particular restaurant and are drawn to the food they serve; that can be okay on occasion, but should be kept to a minimum (as we’ll discuss below). The third reason that people go out to eat is that they didn’t plan their meals, and grabbing something at the last minute is an easy option. You’ll definitely want to avoid this last one, and healthy meal delivery here in the Winston-Salem area can certainly help.

Occasional restaurant food is fine in most cases, but having it too often can lead to dangerous eating habits. What’s so bad about restaurant food? We’re here to tell you!

The Food Itself

Here’s the first thing you have to remember about the average restaurant: they don’t care about you.

Sound simple? It’s true. Restaurants will use any trick they can to get you to enjoy your food and eat as much of it as possible. They have scientists who are tweaking the levels of sugar, salt, fat, and mouthfeel in order to make it as palatable as possible. They’re tapping into human’s natural desire for the tastiest experience available. If a burger ends up with 1,400 calories, so be it — as long as someone orders it and comes back for it a second time.

Even healthy options are seldom healthy. Yes, they might be a bit healthier, but it’s important to look at what they don’t say as much as what they do. If a meal brags about the fact that it’s low in fat, then the restaurant usually compensated by boosting the salt content. If it’s low in calories, fat was often introduced in order to keep it tasty. (This often happens in pre-packaged items too: low-salt peanut butter usually has more sugar.)

When you get healthy meal delivery from Just 4 You Meals, you don’t have to worry about the ingredients. You’ll know what’s in every meal, and we’re not interested in fooling you. Our professional chefs simply find the tastiest options available in healthy food delivery.

The Portion Sizes

Portion sizes are getting bigger. As more restaurants move into town and increase the level of competition, one way to draw more people in — and back — is to give everyone larger portions. Plates are getting bigger, and they’re being filled up with more calories. It’s happening at fast food restaurants as well as sit-down joints.

One reason portion sizes keep getting bigger is that prices keep going up. As prices go up, people expect to get more for their money. And that leads us to you wanting to...

Get Your Money’s Worth

You know very well that you could stay home and eat a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and be just as full on $1’s worth of food as you will spending $15 at a sit-down place. But there’s an allure to the food, and if you’re spending $15 then you’d better leave full, right?

It’s understandable that we want to get our money’s worth for any purchase we make. So when we’re paying more, there had better be more food on our plate than we can eat, right? That’s the only way we know that we got a good deal, isn’t it?

It can be extremely hard to push that mentality aside, which is where diet meal delivery comes in. Instead of giving you too much, you’ll get just the right amount from our local meal prep service.

Leftovers Are Still Unhealthy!

Let’s say that you’re being conscious about the amount of food that’s on your plate. Yes, the portion size is huge, but you used some common eating out wisdom and cut that burger in half. You eat half the burger and take the other half home as leftovers. Problem solved.

Except that the leftovers are still unhealthy! Now instead of one unhealthy meal, you have two unhealthy meals!

Instead of eating two unhealthy meals in a row, why not work with a local meal prep company and make both of those meals healthy? Just 4 You Meals can provide you with the proper amount of food that has just the right balance of nutrition and palatability...and if you have leftovers, they’ll be healthy too!

Healthy Food Delivery Makes It Easy

Like we said before, people often go out to eat because they don’t have any food in the house that entices them to eat in. But when you choose our local meal prep company in the Winston-Salem area, you’re going to have a reason to stay at home! We’ll provide you with tasty meals that you get excited, and they’re much healthier than most of what you’ll find in restaurants. Click here to find out how it works. We look forward to helping you get healthier!