Incorporating Discipline: Meal Prepping

Consistency is key to success for most if not all aspect of one’s life. Creating to large of a goal  is recipe for failure, especially if small steps - small goals - are not baked into the process. Meal  prepping represents key small steps toward the large goals of losing weight, improving one’s health, and even eating on a budget.

Whether or not you desire to meal prep on your own, or utilize a meal prep company, here are some simple questions to guide you in this endeavor.


  1. What diet do you want to follow?


Nothing trumps the recommendation of a certified dietician. There are many fads, books, and websites which declare to have the secret to your diet. Somebody needs to hit the reset button. Much of the material you find floating in the web is personal opinion dressed as professional opinion.


Only a certified nutritionist has the ability to medically discuss your diet. 


It is important for you to educate yourself on the diets available out there. Many of the fad, quick weight loss diets, are unsustainable - and maybe even unhealthy. Choosing a well rounded diet which fits your lifestyle is important. You have to want what you are committing to.


2. Do you even like the food on the diet you are interested in?


If you choose a diet like Atkins, be prepared for a lot of eggs and cuts of meat. If you like a wide variety of fruits and veggies, this is probably not the diet for you.


Go to your library to check out books about or look online to reputable sites and read up on the food your proposed diet includes. Make sure there are things you know you will like to eat and are willing to try!


3. How common are the ingredients to your diet?


Choosing a diet which requires organic food = expensive. Meal prepping allows you to budget as the food you eat will not change greatly from week to week. Is it going to take greater effort to find some obscure ingredient? If so, you may not be as likely to follow the diet. 


Choosing a diet with items in your budget and  shopping patterns is important for you to succeed.


4. Are you familiar cooking the ingredients your diet calls for?


Removing barriers is important for success. Learning to cook new foods is fun, but if your diet requires many new cooking utensils and skills this could be the barriers which will inhibit you from being successful.


Plan for success by putting your meal prep in your wheel house. 


Let us know if you have any questions! Have a great week.


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Chef Dave & Coach Bay