Shopping Tips for Boring Food

What is “boring” food? 

Boring food consists of the items we know should be incorporating into our diet on some level, but more often than not we pass them by in the grocery store - even rot on our shelves at home. These are foods which require a certain level of skill, time, and effort to transform from the boring category. Simply put, preparation. 

What are these boring foods? Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and meats represent the majority of this category. For many of us, the preparation needed to  compose these items into a week’s breakfast, lunches, dinners, and snacks is overwhelming. With our busy schedules, we sympathize with this, for we to scramble to keep up with our families and jobs.

Here are a few tips we have found during our years of cooking professionally to help simplify your meal prep, thereby incorporating the boring foods.

  1. Shop for veggies with color variety.

    Select a small variety of veggies for your week’s meals: green, red, yellow, white, orange provide various nutrients and flavors. Grab 3-4 for the week.
  2. Shop in small quantities.

    Limit yourself to a couple of meals when you go shopping. Avoid buying mountains of fresh produce. As well, you avoid putting undue pressure on yourself to have to use everything before it goes bad.
  3. Smell your proteins.

    Buying fresh shrimp? Stick your glorious sniffer in their personal space and give them a whiff. If your fresh proteins make your stomach do back flips, hand them back.
  4. Stick with 1-2 fresh fruits.

    Grab small quantities of fresh fruits for a quick snack. Bananas and apples are great for little prep work.
  5. Select a whole grain.

    Grab one whole grain for the week. A quality loaf of bread or whole grain rice to provide good carbs. 

If you can keep these five items before you as you shop, you have a good, natural, variety to enjoy for the next week, with little to waste. Also, good on your budget.

Our next posting, we will look at some simple prep ideas for your produce.

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