The Importance of Healthy Snacks From A Local Meal Prep Service 

Just 4 You Meals is primarily known as a local meal prep service, providing meal delivery for the North Carolina area in and around Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington, and Clemmons. But we know very well that people eat throughout the day. In other words, they snack.

In general, snacking isn’t a bad thing...if you snack properly, that is. Snacking can help you keep your energy up throughout the day and also stop you from binging at meals. Snacking, when done well, can even provide you with the nutrients your body needs to be healthier. 

At Just 4 You Meals, we carry quite a few snacking options so that you can make the most of those calories that you’re putting into your body throughout the day. Here’s how our snacking options can help.

It Prevents Snacking On Unhealthy Stuff

This is probably the most important thing that healthy snacking does for you: It stops you from eating the unhealthy stuff.

In many instances, we have a very good idea about what’s healthy and what’s not. Potato chips are unhealthy, unsalted nuts are healthy. But marketers have caught on, so now stuff that sounds health really isn’t. Kale chips might sound healthy, but there might be hidden aspects of them that make them considerably less so. 

Here’s something to look for when you’re considering what to snack on. If a snack is bragging about its calories, check the salt and fat’s probably off the charts. If it’s bragging about being low-fat, the calories are probably boosted in the form of sugar. 

But isn’t 100 calories 100 calories? What does it matter whether or not you get your calories from a handful of chips or a hardboiled egg? Well...

Protein and Fiber Fills You Up Longer

The fact is, not all food fills you up the same. While there are “stick to your ribs” foods out there, it’s not just the potatoes and gravy that are going to fill you up for longer. 

Fiber, protein, and fats (preferably healthy fats) are all going to fill you up for longer periods than junk food or foods high in sugar. Fiber fills you up right away, protein helps you stay full for longer, and the fats help to regulate satiety. Nuts have all three of these, which is why they’re such a popular snacking option. Just make sure that they’re not slathered in oil and salt, which can affect your body in negative ways. Our Protein Power Pack is a great choice when you’re looking for lots of protein and fiber (almonds have the most fiber of any nut).

The Protein Is There For Last Minute Exercises

If you’re into exercise, you are probably aware of the role that protein and carbs play in the development of muscle and energy expenditure. So there’s already a good chance you’re eating foods with these nutrients before and after your workout.

But what about those unscheduled exercise times? What if a friend texts and says they’re going to be 20 minutes late, and those weights in the corner are just calling out to be lifted. Or maybe your attractive coworker invites you to have a run with them during the lunch hour? If you have healthy snacks at the ready — by which we mean already moving through your digestive tract — then you’ll be able to make use of those nutrients at a moment’s notice. 

Need the Healthiest Snacks?

When you order meals through our local meal prep service, you can also order some snacks that will do your body good. We already told you about our protein power pack, but we also have high-protein cookies and even desserts that you don’t have to feel guilty about. You can also just order protein and vegetables by the pound, in case snacking on sliced chicken or Brussel sprouts is your thing. At Just 4 You Meals, we have you covered!