What is the Half-Size Chef?

What is the Half-Size Chef? It is an ideal, a dream, and a goal. To best explain what the Half-Size Chef is, I first need to explain who is the Half-Size Chef.

Dave Nicolette is a successful business owner in High Point and Kernersville, NC. Owner of two restaurants, a catering company, as well as a founding owner of Just 4 You Meals - a local meal prep company based out of Kernersville, NC. But he is not the Half-Size Chef. At least not  yet. 

Who is the Half-Size Chef? The Half-Size Chef is who Chef Dave wants to be. Through many years of his life he has struggled with eating properly and obesity. Currently, a doctor would classify him as morbidly obese. This is not his desire, but the reality of his struggles over many years of his life.

Becoming the Half-Size Chef is an ideal. There are no magic pills here or miraculous surgeries to change Chef Dave’s present reality. Instead, we are reevaluating key lifestyle and health strategies which fit the ideal of the Half-Size Chef. 

The ideals of the Half-Size chef are embodied in the following statements: 

  1. Enjoy a positive relationship with food rather than a negative one
  2. Successfully incorporate discipline into sustainable habits  
  3. Respect and learn from failure
  4. Foster two way relationships of accountability 
  5. Be an example of positive change for one’s family & community

Chef Dave, like many of us, is extremely conscientious of putting himself and his current condition on a public platform. He feels as a local businessman and figure in the community that his example would be an encouragement to many who struggle to overcome key failures in our lives. Our hope is his example will inspire you to dig in and become your own Half-Size Chef.

What we offer?

This series will provide wisdom and insight into our ideals through:

  • Free weekly discipline strategies & exercise programs
  • Free insights into food, recipes, and strategies for you and your family
  • Free content to encourage and inspire you to overcome failure 

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Until Next Time,

Chef Dave & Coach Bay