What You’re Saving By Choosing a Local Meal Prep Service

When you go to purchase something online, what do you look at first? Is it the title of the product, or the picture? Depending on what product you need, you might even look at the price of the item first. You’ll certainly do so before hitting “add to cart.”

Price is important in everything you buy online, and that includes the meals you’ll be getting from our local meal prep service. But as you take a look at our prices, remember that it’s not just about what these meals cost — it’s about what they save. In fact, having healthy prepared meals delivered can save you a whole lot of headaches.

You Save Time Cooking

Some people hate cooking, others don’t mind or even enjoy it. But few people want to cook every...single...night. There are only so many hours in a week, and each and every meal can’t be an exciting new experience to cook. Some meals just have to fill you up before you head out again, letting you eat healthy instead of grabbing some fast food. They’re also a great option when you just don’t feel like spending your time cooking, or when you get home late from work.

You Save Grocery Time

While some people enjoy cooking, few people enjoy grocery shopping. It takes time to drive to the grocery store, an hour to shop (more on the weekends when it’s packed), and then driving back home. Then you have to unpack everything and put it away...and all of this happens before you can spend time cooking!

Of course, you also have to take time to make your grocery list before you go. That might not be such a big deal when you’re young and not on any sort of diet, because you can just grab all of the frozen meals and Tombstone pizzas you want. But when dietary restrictions arise — or you have kids — the need for healthier meals become more apparent.

When you work with our healthy meal delivery service, we’re taking care of the shopping for you so that you don’t have to spend time making your grocery list or doing all of the shopping. All you have to do is pick your favorite foods and we’ll be sure you get you the healthy meals you require.

You’ll Save Yourself From Calories

Counting calories, whether you’re doing so at home, work, or at a restaurant, can be difficult. Cans of soup that fill you up might actually contain two servings, meaning that you’ll take in twice the calories. Adding a slice of garlic bread to your meal might not seem like a big deal, but it could be an extra 200 calories. And how many calories are in leftovers? Impossible to tell. Unless you’re incredibly meticulous, counting calories can be impossible.

When you take a look at the meals Just 4 You offers, you’ll notice that we keep calorie counts low. That’s because most people who are ordering meals delivered for weight loss know that the best way to lose weight is to simply eat less. Yes, there are other variables and people lose weight at different rates, but eating fewer calories simply works.

Our local meal prep service keeps our meals at 500 calories or less per serving. (Some are considerably less.) With the average American meal averaging around 1000 calories, you can see just how helpful it can be to simply enjoy our meals and know that you’re getting about half of most people.

One more thing: there’s a good chance that you’ll have no trouble finishing our meals. With no leftovers to deal with, you never end up eating food you don’t want — or don’t need. Too many people eat stuff just to clean out the fridge, which can lead to an intake of too many calories.

You Save Yourself Some Frustration

Sometimes dinner seems like a cruel joke. After you drove to work early in the morning, worked eight or more hours, and drove home...now you have to deal with cooking! Suddenly it’s dinnertime and you haven’t even had time to think about what you’re going to eat. And if you did plan what to cook, you’ve got no chance of getting it cooked before the family starts rebelling. Everybody’s hangry — including you — and every meal you’ve planned just takes too long. That’s when temptation arrives and tells you that drive-through fried chicken or ordering pizza would be easier.

Please don’t! You know as well as we do how much salt, fat, and excess calories those options offer. Instead, save yourself the frustration by having something fast and healthy to eat on hand at all times. That’s what our healthy meal prep delivery service is all about, so give it a try for a couple of weeks to see how much frustration it’s going to save you.

You Might Even Save Money

We’d say we keep our prices pretty reasonable here at our local meal prep service. Considering we’re saving you preparation and cooking time, most of our customers certainly don’t mind. And on top of that, we can actually save some of them money!

As we’ve mentioned, one of the biggest problems people have with eating is trying to fit meals into busy schedules. Instead of having something on-hand, many will simply head to work empty-handed and go out to eat at lunch. Alternatively, they might just grab some dinner on the way home from work.

You can probably see where this is going: eating out costs money. Quite a bit, actually, when you include the fact that you’re driving out of the way and wasting gas in the drive-thru. Even fast food has gotten expensive, and the healthier you want to eat the more you’ll be spending. Toss in a tip and it’s easy to spend $12-20 on a single meal. And if you eat with co-workers, you’re more likely to spend more and eat more calories. (“How many appetizers should we get?”) By utilizing our healthy meal prep service, you’re going to know exactly what to take for lunch every day and what’s going to be waiting for you for dinner when you get home. Breakfast, too. And you don’t have to tip!

Ready To Save?

If you’re ready to save yourself everything we mentioned above while having gourmet meals delivered, we hope you’ll choose Just 4 You Meals, serving the areas in and around Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Burlington, and Clemmons. Start your order right here!