Why Our Local Meal Prep Offers Such a Wide Variety of Food

When you take a look at the offerings of our local meal prep service, you’ll probably notice that we have quite a lot of variety. We have meat from the six most popular animals — turkey, chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, and fish — as well as vegetarian options. We offer pizzas and BBQ and wraps and soups and salads. We’ll take care of your meal options at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we’ll have something waiting for you at snack time and ever offer you dessert.

Like most places that offer food, whether it’s a restaurant or a healthy meal delivery service like us, Just 4 You Meals has a variety of foods that appeal to different tastes. But that’s not the only thing we think about as we come up with new gourmet meals to deliver throughout the Winston-Salem area. Here are some of the special restrictions and preferences we cater to. 

Calorie Restrictions

When you take a look at our meal options, you’ll notice that it’s hard to find anything that’s over 500 calories a serving. In fact, right off the top of our head, we can’t think of anything that’s over 500 calories. You’ll find quite a few meals under 400 calories, and you can even find some that are sub-300 calories. For those looking for weight loss meal delivery, we’re an excellent option. 

How do we make our meals so flavorful while keeping the calories low? We actually wrote a whole blog about it! It all starts with fresh, quality ingredients, of course. We’ll often use strong tastes as well, flavors that come from spices instead of sugar and fat. Combining the right ingredients and getting them to play off each other — our founder is a professional chef who owns and operates four restaurants — is another easy way to make flavors pop and make the meals much more satisfying despite their low calorie count.

Carb Restrictions

While the insanity of the low-carb craze that swept the nation in the late 1990s and early 2000s has calmed quite a bit, there are certainly legitimate reasons for people to avoid carbohydrates. Whether they’re avoiding carbohydrates in bread due to a gluten allergy or are on a keto diet, low carb meals just make sense sometimes.

We doubt you’ll find a diet meal delivery service that cuts back the carbs more than we do. Our pizzas are made with cauliflower crust, and our choco-peanut butter protein waffles only have six carbs thanks to the protein powder. Or course, there are also quite a few meals we offer that are low-carb naturally, such as our chicken and broccoli meals.

Protein Power

When you look at our local meal prep menu, it doesn’t take long to notice that our meals pack quite the protein punch. That’s because many people use us as part of their meal prep for training, ensuring that they get enough protein in their diet to help build muscles during workouts. 


Vegetarians have to eat, too! For anyone who doesn’t eat meat, we have some excellent options such as our Southwestern Egg White Bowl. And for those pescatarians out there, we have a great selection of fish and shrimp as well. 

What Looks Good To You?

We’re sure you can find something you love at Just 4 You Meals, whether you’re looking for something more (protein) or something less (calories, carbs). Check out our entire menu right here!